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15 Jul 2016
There was a famous sentence when I was falling in love with Tiger, I said If you don’t like it I will never wear it again, till today he always repeat it to me when we were in chatting freely, I know he is just kidding me. Just because of this sentence, he would make the decision I am the one to be his wife in his life.

I knew Tiger by blind dating which was very normal way to know each other for young couples at the late of 80s. so to be honest to say, both of us were not so match by works or by family, I worked in one of Joint venture company, he was in a small state own factory, The position of his family was high than mine, therefore to be girl friend or boyfriend we need to more communications to know each other. Frankly speaking...

02 Dec 2015
Fooled you find a child in the classroom is not the same that you will not hesitate to raise their hands and others their views and speak out their views, and when you grew older and very many times you find yourself with not the same, they say, But you never once raised his hand, because you see most of the people say it is, so you naturally put their views nipped in the silence. In fact, sometimes you know his views may be right, but just because you are afraid to say it would be laughed at someone else will be said to be nonsense, then you prefer silence and acknowledge that most people think is right personalized skin care device.

Have you ever find yourself afraid to admit that he is not the same with others, and others do not...